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Rhythm Tengoku Gold impresses in the weirdest place.

This has to be one of the most random things that happen to me in quite a while.

I was on the bus home from work. It was pretty crowded and loud so I decided to play Rhythm Tengoku Gold on my DS with my headset on. Around three quarters through the bus ride, and halfway through the 6th remix, the person behind me taps on my back. So I pause the game to turn around and see who needed my attention at such a crucial moment in the remix. It was a guy and his girlfriend and he asked what game I was playing. I was quite surprised by this and responded that it was Rhythm Tengoku Gold and that it was a Japanese import however a localized version is most likely to appear near the end of the year and that it would be called Rhythm Heaven. Apparently the have been watching me for a while playing the game and they though it looked like a ton of fun to which I responded that it was indeed a ton of fun. I also explained the basic gist of what the game is and that it was the sequel to a Japan only game from 2 or 3 years ago(it’s actually 2 after checking it).

The couple really were impressed by Rhythm Tengoku Gold, despite the fact that they only saw me play with my headset on. The said they were going to keep an eye out for Rhythm Heaven when it releases. After that I wondered ‘What if I was playing Guitar Hero: On Tour instead?’. Freaky.

The lesson learned today, Rhythm Tengoku Gold can get instant fans, just by seeing someone playing it. I will be playing this game more in public to see if I can replicate similar results.


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