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Redoing my game design document….or something like it.

So yesterday I had to go to school with two other classmates to meet our Game Design teacher. Aside from one, me and my other classmate have to apparently redo our Game Design document. Well sort of. What I have to do at least is some additional artwork, additional information and rewording of the document. The rewording and the additional information shoudn’t be a problem, but extra artwork will require some extra attention. We do get 3 weeks to finish it so there is more than enough time.
Besides that, I’m also working on redesigning this blog. Hopefully I’ll get it done soon.


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The new year is around the corner / Blog Reboot

For next year I want to start of at full swing. I have a lot of plans for my blog, starting wit a revamp of the look of it here. I’m busy making my own design for this place and it will be up next year. I’ll also have a bi-daily feature going up. I can’t say what it is yet, but it will be interesting. But before that happens, I will have my top 10 Games of 2008 and what I look forward to in 2009.

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